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Re: [epub] Caution To All Ezine Publishers/Writer!
They got me last night, Marie. A member of one of my paid opt-in lists either made a spam accusation at my very infrequent mailing I had sent to that group OR the vigilante so-called organization Spam Cops is somehow accessing every mail we send! The funniest (not LOL, just weird funny!) thing is that the announcement I had sent to this safe
list (Smart list, as moderated a safe or opt-in list as there is!) was for a product to help us keep our PC's virus free and our mailboxes SPAM free!
I immediately forwarded my "official" but totally BOGUS Spam Cop "you are guilty until proven innocent" accusation to the list owner AND to my own ISP, but this is so ridiculous! Heck, can someone soon go to my 36 page web site and turn IT in for spamming them? I am as big a spam hater as anyone but why do they not go after the REAL spammers,
if in fact, they have the RIGHT to bother any of us?!

Jan T-D
Jan Tallent-Dandridge, Marketing Warrioress/Publisher
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[epub] Caution To All Ezine Publishers/Writer! kimublair
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