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Re: [epub] Caution To All Ezine Publishers/Writer!
After a *very quick* peruse of its site, I don't know *exactly* what
SpamCop does with accusations it receives, but it appears that it may be
recklessly passing on such accusations to network administrators and
others in a way that makes the accusations "public" and that causes harm
to innocent e-mail publishers.

Libel and slander laws still apply in the online world and I can't help
but wonder whether SpamCop has faced suit from any wrongfully-accussed
e-mail or other publishers to date.  If not, perhaps they should be
reminded they remain subject to these laws and are perhaps "toeing the
line," as well as building a bad rap in forums such as this one.

Any thoughts?  Any Internet/libel lawyers out there?

Perry Goldschein, Esq. -  Publisher & Editor Review
"Your Guide to Life-Enhancing Media"


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Re: [epub] Caution To All Ezine Publishers/Writer! Elena Fawkner
Re: [epub] Caution To All Ezine Publishers/Writer! B.Mac's Marketing Enterprises
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