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Re: [epub] Question about confirmations
Brian Alt wrote:
>Having said that, in my experience, the abuse problems caused
>by a lack of a confirmation process are actually quite few in
>number. The decision to go to "double opt-in" for my own lists
>was actually made by my new list hosting provider
><>, which requires confirmations.

They require confirmations because email list hosting
is a small percentage of their overall business, and
the few clients they potentially lost were insignificant
to their top or bottom line. I'm not speaking for Lyris,
only my perspective.

>Previously, I used SparkLIST, which I believe has not yet moved to
>requiring confirmation. I suspect they will soon (if they haven't

We've chosen to educate our clients on an ongoing basis 
about the benefits of double opt-in or confirmed opt-in
subscription policies. From that, we know that our current
percentage of clients that double opt-in is around 80%+.

We've also revoked the ability for clients to single opt-in 
if their email list causes spam complaints; as we have
the right to require them to be double opt-in or leave. If
their email list does not cause complaints, then there is no

Lastly, when new clients come to us, their list memberships
are checked against our global remove list, which not only
includes known spam addresses, but perl scripts that check 
for email harvesting patterns such as info@, sales@, support@, 
abuse@ type email addresses in our attempt to stop potential 
spamming from a new SparkLIST client.


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Re: [epub] Question about confirmations pgoldsc
Re: [epub] Question about confirmations Brian Alt
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