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Re: [epub] Caution To All Ezine Publishers/Writer!
I was a victim of exactly this scenario recently also. A publisher
of another ezine ran one of my articles. From what I was able to
discover, certain subscribers to this ezine used a spam filtering
software program called Spam Killer. This software comes with
the capability of scanning an allegedly spam email and extracting
*all* URLs and email addresses contained therein.

The user of this software theoretically runs through that list and
deletes the addresses of "innocent parties". Of course, that's
much too lofty an expectation for the likes of the individuals we're
talking about here (read: morons) as these individuals don't bother
to stop and think about the guilt or innocence of any particular

Spamkiller then has a function whereby this list of offending
addresses can be reported to another list of addresses, namely
the webhost/isp of the "offenders" and, surprise, surprise,

In my case, the user of the spamkiller software reported my URL/
email address for spamming to Spamcop and Spamcop forwarded
it (automatically and without any investigation whatsoever - read
reckless indifference in legal parlance) to my webhost (CI Host).
My webhost proved to be as unconcerned with due process as
Spamcop and thereupon promptly shut down my site for 3 days
for spamming. Again, they didn't even bother to investigate.
Simple knee jerk response from simple jerks. I threatened to sue.
They reinstated my site within 2 hours.

I wrote an article about my experience if anyone's interested.  It's
at .

Still Disgusted (aka Elena Fawkner)
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Re: [epub] Caution To All Ezine Publishers/Writer! pgoldsc
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