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[epub] Spamcop
I have several questions concerning 

At the bottom of one page at their site I found the following:
Copyright (c) 1998-2001 Julian Haight, All rights reserved. .  This would lead me to think that this site is owned by an individual named Julian Haight.  My questions are: what is the source of his authority to take any action against anyone? If he does have this assumed authority how did he get it? What are the limits of his authority? 

Could this be an individual that is attempting to impose his own sense of justice on everyone else?  If, in operating this site he infringes on the rights of others, with no authority to do so other than that which he granted to himself, he could possibly be held liable for any damages he causes.  What this site is doing could also be construed to be the ultimate form of spam, and if so should be reported to his provider, with the possibility of shutting him down.

I would not respond to him until these questions are answered. If he lacks the authority to operate as he apparently has, then he should be held liable for his actions and the appropriate action taken.

Sorry for getting so long winded,


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