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Re: [epub] Caution To All Ezine Publishers/Writer!
Sad story, but one of the reasons that that publishers
should use third party hosting services. We've found
SpamCop to be very cooperative with false reports made
about clients we host. 

Our normal policy when we receive a SpamCop report is
to contact the person reporting through their address
at SpamCop or used to file the report. This IS given
in the email that is sent by SpamCop. We ask them to
provide us with the address they are receiving the email
at if we do not find the other email on the list. At
the same time, we refer them to our no-spam policy and
explain that we want to take action if there has been
an offense.

If they don't respond, we send a second request. 

If there is a second SpamCop complaint, we then contact
SpamCop for assistance. They've actually cancelled one
user's account for not using the system properly.

When someone does provide the address, we check our
logs - we keep our logs for a full YEAR. So we can know
exactly how the person joined and when. For Web-based
forms, most of our clients run it through one of our
form processors and we log the time/date and IP address
of the person completing the form.

BTW... a number of people came to us for hosting because 
they had spam complaints handling it on their own, 
even though they were practicing opt-in policies. They
never get any complaints once they move to us.

Sharon Tucci
President & CEO
Sling Shot Media, LLC - 
The List Hosting SpeciaLists


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[epub] Caution To All Ezine Publishers/Writer! kimublair
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