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Re: [epub] Question about confirmations
At 10:51 AM 4/25/01 -0400, Sharon Bray-McPherson wrote:
>Take it from me, you ALWAYS want to have a subscription
>confirmation.  Some will still swear that they didn't
>subscribe even when you show them the subscription request
>AND confirmation sent from their email address.  
>For your own safety and to protect people from someone
>falsely using their email address to subscribe to an ezine
>for the free ads or gifts I suggest that you confirm every

I have to disagree here. The lists we host are growing at
an average rate of 30,000 addresses a day (and this is 
rapidly increasing with some new larger clients). We
don't make double opt-in mandatory as I explained earlier.

Over all of our lists combined, a typical month results
in 1-3 spam complaints. We haven't had even ONE since
February. (Knock on wood)

At the same time, we've had some clients move from single
confirmation to double opt-in and guess what? About 30%
of people don't confirm. Regardless of how the message
is phrased and how someone can confirm (i.e. by hitting
reply, clicking on a link or both), this is pretty
constant. Meanwhile, we've had some publishers that
switched to double opt in want to go back because of the
admin time they were spent dealing with people who
said they were subscribed and never received an issue.

Note: the 30% is an average. Some have been much higher
and the mean is probably around 18-22%.

Sharon Tucci
President & CEO
Sling Shot Media, LLC - The List Hosting SpeciaLists


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Re: [epub] Question about confirmations B.Mac's Marketing Enterprises
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Re: [epub] Question about confirmations B.Mac's Marketing Enterprises
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