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Re: [epub] Woman Wins Lawsuit for Receiving Opt-Out Confirmation Message
>Scary stuff:
>I guess it doesn't pay to put an ad in your opt-out confirmation
>messages any more.

Steve, it sounds as though the reason she objected was not because they 
sent a confirmation (with or without an ad) but because some time after she 
opted out they sent an email asking her if she wanted to opt in.  In other 
words: They asked "Do you want to get mailings from us?"  She said 
no.  Days, weeks or months later, they sent an email, in effect saying, 
"Are you sure?  Are you really, really sure, that you don't want to get 
email from us?"  She said "Damn sure," and filed her lawsuit.

Now, I'll be the first to say that this woman overreacted and should try to 
get a life.  But I get so much spam in my email that I don't know which 
message will be the one to put me over the edge . . .

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[epub] Woman Wins Lawsuit for Receiving Opt-Out Confirmation Message Steven C. Slawin
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