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Re: [epub] Caution To All Ezine Publishers/Writer!

You are an exceptional web hosting service. Most of them do not bother to contact their client. This is also true of the 
majority of ISPs. As moderator of the e-Crucible list on Topica, executive director of e-Crucible, Inc., a registered not-for-
profit in Arkansas that is concerned with the "hysteria" regarding so-called Spam, for which there is no legal nor 
consistent definition, and as a newsletter publisher, I hear a great many horror stories about the treatment of alleged 
Spam complaints. Most Internet providers have a knee-jerk reaction to such complaints. You are guilty without any 
attempt at an investigation or allowing the accused to defend themselves and are summarily deprived of service. That 
usually means someone's business gets shut down.

As far as your relationship with SpamCops, that also is unusual. Most of the incidents I am aware of involving them they 
do not cooperate in any fashion with the accused. But, to me, these people are self-appointed vigilantes. They have no 
legal standing to do what they do. If I were to organize a group like that in the brick and mortar world to say put an end 
to junk mail, the federal authorities would be after me so fast. What gives these people the right to be judge, jury and 
executioner? IMHO, they are Spammers in their own right!

John Botscharow
Executive Director
e-Crucible, Inc.


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