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Re: [epub] Spamcop
Julian Haight is the founder of SpamCop and his authority is self-proclaimed. He and his group are not any official law 
enforcement agency. They are bullies and that is how they enforce their authority. They bully people into accepting 
theeir accusations. As I said in an earlier post, the general reaction of most service providers is to accept such claims as 
fact, without any investigation or without giving the accused the right to defend themselves.

We at e-Crucible want an INTERNATIONAL definition of what constitutes Spam, with all service providers required to 
abide by that definition, and with enforcement by official law enforcement not a bunch of vigilantes.

John Botscharow
Executive Director
e-Crucible, Inc.

4/26/01 10:48:37 PM, "Norman Purcell" <> wrote:

>I have several questions concerning 


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