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Re: [epub] In light of the recent discussion
The first part of the bill is acceptable. Requiring legitimate contact information and a REAL opt out address is something 
we should all support. However, leaving each ISP to determine its own spam policies is not acceptable. We need a 
UNIFORM definition of what Spam is and how Spam complaints will be handled. They need to REQUIRE that ISPs 
make sure that any spam complaint is substantiated and that the accused is allowed to defend themselves. Without 
those provisions, we at e-Crucible cannot support this legislation.

We also feel that unilateral action by the US or any other country is a silly waste of time. Most of the REAL 
spammers use "offshore" accounts already or would as soon as any seriously enforceable legiislation were passed by 
the US Congress.

IMHO, this is merely a gimmick to please the folks back home, who have been brainwashed by the big powerful interest 
groups involved in this situation. 

John Botscharow
Executive Director
e-Crucible. Inc.


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