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Re: [epub] Spamcop
Below is a report from an ezine I received nearly a year ago regarding 
SpamCop. I think it may be of interest to the list.

Steve Doherty

SpamCop - Defensive and Offensive Maneuvers

Over the last few months I've been experiencing some serious 
nightmares, 17 in fact.  All have been caused by the worst spamming 
site on the Internet.  Worst, is the fact that this low down dirty 
side winder has created the ideal myth with the larger back bone 
providers, and that myth is 'SpamCop' holds "credibility".

Here's how it goes, this nightmare:

Some idiot submits to an FFA page, classified site, registers for an 
optin list, an ezine, a free service or program.  This list spirals 
all over the place on how innocent Net Marketers fall into this, 
seemingly, bottomless pit.

SpamCop is totally "OUT of CONTROL",  PERIOD!

Of the 17 SpamCop idiot cases I've had to deal with, ALL were bogus, 
yet I could only save two of those accounts.

The main reason is 'time & money', not yours or mine, but the big 
backbones and service providers.  They all operate with a paid staff, 
every time one of their employees has to deal with a 'spam
complaint', it costs their employees time and them, MONEY!  For 
example, my backbone Domain Provider hosts over 30,000 Domains, if 
they only dealt with one complaint per Domain, per Day, they would 
need staff to answer 30,000 x multiple emails in one day.

You know how long one individual email takes you, get the picture on 
30,000 in one day?

They have a ZERO - ZERO - ZERO spam tolerance, and most have never 
closely looked at the SpamCop site, otherwise they would filter-out 
every SpamCop email.

As a Domain or Program owner or Manager, we get an email saying "this 
ID/member is out".  With out valid points to defend, the member goes 
or the domain does.  Getting the picture?

Well, I not sure about you, but I'm about ready to start kicking this 
SpamCop mule in the south 40.

Defensive measures to ward off SpamCop Attacks:

* NEVER put your main email address in any out-going auto message,  
use a web based FREE email account

* NEVER put your main program URL's in any out-going auto message,  
set up FREE lead-in pages, even one is advantageous

* NEVER  put dozens of URL's in any out-going auto message,  one or 
two URL's will do the same function, it works better and rarely 
confuses or overpowers the recipient

* ALWAYS put your submission URL at the TOP of the OUT-GOING auto 
  " Thank you for submitting your Ad at;

* ALSO good to add as a second submission identification line;
  " This is a one time confirmation email of your URL submission at 
our site. This is a one time response, you will not receive another 
email unless you do another submission at our site"

* Add this line to the TOP of all Optin Mailing List posts:
We are members of the same Optin List. If you wish to be removed 
please contact the list administrator. 

* IF you are publishing an eZine and are aggressively recruiting new 
subscribers from your free submission services, ALWAYS use forwarding 
URL's to other's Domains in your publications.  If your publication 
was and you where recommending,
the eZine URL to use would be " " load it
as a directory page with 'forwarding code' to " ".  Now
you have eliminated the risk of your subject's Domain from receiving 
the SpamCop harassment.

This list could become quite expansive, but suffice to say, if these 
points where adhered to, I could have saved ALL of the member sites 
that received the SpamCop " abusive " spam.

OFFENSIVE  measures to STOP SpamCop Attacks:

We must STOP being the RE-ACTION to this abusive Program operator,
We MUST take ACTION to defend OUR Rights!

Realistically we need to proceed in three phases;

1] the obvious - have the SpamCop site Taken OFF_LINE
2] SpamCop must put knowledgeable Moderators in place to screen spam 
complaints BEFORE they are sent out
3] we start collecting the damages and costs incurred by individuals 
that have suffered this abuse, when we have 100 or so, we set up a 
trust for costs, and then we file a "class action" law suit for 
damages and all that entails. 

HOW do we Do THAT?

One thing that everyone seems to miss is the geographic location of 
this individual and his domain, it's Washington State.  Last I heard, 
they have their own set of Spam Laws there.  It may do well for
people that have been wrongly accused of Spam, to register their own 
complaint with SpamCop's provider, and the state regulating board.

[[  For his Domain Provider and the Washington AG office, you send it 
in the "To" address box.  For everyone that received the SpamCop 
complaint, 'cut & paste' all their email addresses to the "CC"
address box. ]]

----  from the Washington State Attorney General's site -----
Washington's law, which went into effect in June of 1998, was one of 
the first in the country  to regulate the sending of spam. The law 
prohibits the sending of unsolicited commercial  e-mail that contains 
misleading information in its subject line, uses a third party's 
domain name without permission or misrepresents the message's point
of origin.
------- end of quote ----------

That certainly seems to describe SpamCop to me, what are your 

If he cannot control his site use and activity, perhaps he should 
alter it or be closed down.

To file an online complaint with the Washington State AG office, go 

Start off your complaint with something like this;
" ------------"
To Whom it May Concern;

I have recently suffered a most vile and damaging spam attack by an 
individual that resides in your beautiful State.  Having heard of
your advanced spam control laws, it came as a surprise to find out
the person responsible for this nasty spam Attack lives and works in 
Washington State.  His personal and corporate information directly 
follows and the Spam information is detailed below.

Spam Abuser Info:

The Publicate Corporation (SPAMCOP-DOM)
4402 Woodlawn Ave, N. #2
Seattle, WA 98103

Domain Name: SPAMCOP.COM

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact, Billing 
Haight, Julian  (JH10528)  julian@JULIANHAIGHT.COM
4402 Woodlawn Ave, N. Suite #2
Seattle, WA 98103
650 - 766 - 0782 (cellular)

Please read the following unsubstantiated report SpamCop spammed to
my [], [], []  [ list everyone that received the complaint]

[[ getting the idea? ]]  [[ the more of these letters the Washington 
AG's office receives, the faster we will see results, although they 
are not a large corporation, they still must account for costs and 
staff work hours, and remember, it IS their spam law ]] 

In the real world, this kind of harassment from any business can 
result in legal, and occasionally, criminal charges.

If we respond in kind with our own SPAM COMPLAINT to the Washington 
Attorney General's office, pressure should come to bear and have this 
problem corrected.  If this fails to curtail the SpamCop problem,  I 
will put up a 'VICTIM' registry page and we will begin taking steps
to file for legal and monetary loses.



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