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[epub] In defense of SpamCop and vigilantes
Hi All,

I know this won't be a very popular perspective in this group, but I 
believe there are some misconceptions that in fairness need to be corrected.

1) SpamCop does not report Spam.  They are only a conduit for others to use 
to send reports to network administrators.

2) SpamCop does not 'Shut Down' anybody's account.  They pass through 
information and network administrators enforce their own Terms of Service.

3) SpamCop does not validate or investigate accusations.  That is the job 
of network administrators.

A couple of other points from following this thread.

1) There is a universally accepted definition for SPAM.  Unsolicited Bulk 
Email.  The recipient didn't specifically ask for it from the sender, it is 
delivered in bulk (more than one) by email.

2) Proposed legislation at best is unenforceable, and at worst will only 
exasperate the problem by legitimizing 'opt out' as an acceptable form of 
email marketing.

3) Legitimate email publishers should be leading the way in the fight 
against Spam.  If our audience is inundated with unwanted email, they will 
quit subscribing to or reading our publications.

Users and ISP's are becoming increasingly frustrated by the inability to 
control the influx of unwanted email.  Many are taking Draconian steps such 
as blocking all email from any free email or email list hosting 
services.  Instead of fighting the people that are trying to solve the 
problem, we should be expending that same energy on tracking down, 
reporting and shutting down the people that are the real threat.  Quit just 
deleting that unwanted email, and do us all a favor and spend some time 
fighting back.

Bob Cortez


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