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[epub] Re: Caution To All Ezine Publishers/Writer!
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  • Subject: [epub] Re: Caution To All Ezine Publishers/Writer!
  • From: "jl scott, ph.d." <Transitions@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 09:04:59 -0700
  • Organization: International Council of Online Professionals


I read your article in Reportsnet News.  Although I'm a "lurker"
on these lists, I couldn't pass up the chance to comment on
something that many seem to be forgetting.

I noticed that you neither named SpamCop, nor gave their URL in
your article.  Apparently, you've had the same thought I have.

To write these people up in ezines - giving their name and URL
will merely give the information to additional rage-aholics and
perpetuate the crimes against the innocent.  In this instance,
too many people will use the information to their own
questionable ends rather than accept the information as a

It's one thing to do it on a private list but something else
entirely to publish SpamCop's information to thousands of
subscribers.  We need to think these things through before we
jump in there thinking we'll have the desired effect by giving
them additional publicity - even if it's bad.  "ALL publicity is
good publicity!

Nice job on the article!

jl scott

I too have an article in today's issue of Reportsnet News. It can

Jack Wilson


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Re: [epub] Re: Caution To All Ezine Publishers/Writer! B.Mac's Marketing Enterprises
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