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[epub] Re: Re: ezine ads, subscription invitations and spam
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  • Subject: [epub] Re: Re: ezine ads, subscription invitations and spam
  • From: Mydenise@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 13:13:33 EDT

Hi, John and Everyone Else!

I appreciate everyone's input about spam.  As was mentioned by Frank in one 
of his earlier posts, us newbies have no clue about Spam Cop tactics, our 
rights in false accusations and how to minimize such accusations.  So I 
genuinely appreciate everyone's input (and the ability to even have friendly 
disagreements  on such a  debated issue).

Thanks, John, for your input about "invitating" people to subscribe to my 
ezine who have already accessed articles I have written.  I just want to make 
sure I heard correctly your input.  So you feel (and I realize that your 
stating an opinion) that if one sends a personal, one on one email with an 
invitation to subscribe to your ezine, using your own email address (not 
through topica), that you would not consider that spam???  I would love to 
leverage the leads I get through publicizing other articles but I also am 
getting very "spam  leary" from all this discussion.

Also my second question as a result of your post (to John and anyone else):

How do you select what ads you publish in your ezine (especially if an 

When you say you select and publish ads based on their content, could you 
elaborate on how you judge if certain ads are candidates for your 

Also you mention ... <<Ususally they are not a problem because of the 
professionalism of the services I use. >>  I was not sure what this meant.  
Could you clarify?

Last question ... You mentioned <<Execise a great deal of control over who 
publishes your content, if you send your articles to other publishers.>>

How do you determine which publishers you allow to publish your articles, or 
even which ones you pitch your article to?  Obviously, as a newbie trying to 
build my ezine base, right now I thrilled when anyone is wanting to publish 
my work.  But I don't want to be naive about this either :)).

Thanks everyone for all your input and support.



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