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[epub] Emergency request to all publishers...! Need help ASAP!
> I have a bit of a problem with my site and am looking for a new host...
> I could use all the help I can get so if you have ANY recommendations
> please email me. BUT please first take a look at what I need...

> Also if you know someone offering dedicated servers cheap let me know...
> I can currently get a dedicated server at around 3-500$/month which is
> expensive for me at this time...
> Max.

Hi Max,
I have this great link that you could check it out. The  is provided by for you to compare
services and pricing among their recommended hosts. I find it very
convenient and assuring to know that these hosts are certified by

OR you could try . Their dedicated servers costs and
features are as follow: Quick Facts

      Plan Name: VDS 1
      Platform: Linux
      Processor Type: AMD & Intel
      Processor Speed: 800 MHz
      RAM: 256 MB
      Disk Type: IBM & Seagate
      Disk 1: Yes
      Tape Backup: Yes
      Data Transfer: 8 GB
      Network Bandwidth: Dual OC3s
      IPs: 1
      Webserver: Apache
      Installed Software: All Hosting Tools
      Support: Toll-Free
      Setup Fee: $60
      Monthly Fee: $79
      Annual Fee: $89

Juliette Lac


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Re: [epub] Emergency request to all publishers...! Need help ASAP! Max Shifrin
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[epub] Emergency request to all publishers...! Need help ASAP! Max Shifrin
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