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Re: [epub] Emergency request to all publishers...! Need help ASAP!

Thanks! I'll look into them... I haven't been using a cheap host, rather expensive one, big one
too... They are pretty expesnive but have top notch technology... I could
easily give them no problems if I didn't have a site running on huge databases and full
automation... So the current solution I came up to is getting a dedicated server since I don't
think that there is a web host which can not get angry at me for using too much
server resources on a regular server.... 

While a dedicated one costs a lot it's worth the price - your site is the only
one on it... And you can have multiple sites and stuff like that....

Thanks for your help anyway, I will look into what your host has to offer
as well - maybe dedicated servers...

And about the ezine what I've been asking you previously, the client turned
out to be in touch with you already so it's no use for him to buy it through
me. (Sorry - I tried...)

Best Regards,
Max Shifrin.


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