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re: [epub] Re: Re: ezine ads, subscription invitations and spam
  • To: <epub@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: re: [epub] Re: Re: ezine ads, subscription invitations and spam
  • From: John Botscharow <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 13:47:42 -0500
  • Organization: 3R Marketing


I actually replied earlier but forgot to shut off the HTML on this message!! So here it is - better late than never!! <LOL> Sorry about the slow response!

And you want this answered in ONE email??? <LOL> OK here goes. See comments throughout your original message 
>> Hi, John and Everyone Else!

>> I appreciate everyone's input about spam. As was mentioned by Frank in
>> one 
>> of his earlier posts, us newbies have no clue about Spam Cop tactics, our 
>> rights in false accusations and how to minimize such accusations. So I 
>> genuinely appreciate everyone's input (and the ability to even have
>> friendly 
>> disagreements on such a debated issue).

>> Thanks, John, for your input about "invitating" people to subscribe to my 
>> ezine who have already accessed articles I have written. I just want to
>> make 
>> sure I heard correctly your input. So you feel (and I realize that your 
>> stating an opinion) that if one sends a personal, one on one email with an
>> invitation to subscribe to your ezine, using your own email address (not 
>> through topica), that you would not consider that spam??? I would love to
>> leverage the leads I get through publicizing other articles but I also am 
>> getting very "spam leary" from all this discussion. 
Yes, I would NOT consider Spam, but some people might. Handle this carefully. Off list I can tell you about one or two publishers I would NOT do this with. Best suggestion is, if you are not familiar with their newsletter, go check out their web site. IF they belong to SpamCop, as one I found the other day does, do NOT send them ANYTHING!! I would not even send them a subscribe notice. <LOL>

>> Also my second question as a result of your post (to John and anyone
>> else):

>> How do you select what ads you publish in your ezine (especially if an 
>> exchange)?? 
I'm in a fortunate position in that I know a lot of publishers, so I go with the ones I either know personally or by reputation. We can discuss specific ezines off the list, if you'd like. doing it on the list would be in bad taste <GRIN>

>> When you say you select and publish ads based on their content, could you 
>> elaborate on how you judge if certain ads are candidates for your 
>> publication? 
Having been around for more than a year, I've learned what a lot of the more unsavory programs out there are. I try to stay away from their ads. Also, I tend to shy away from gambling ads, definitely no sexually oriented ads, no hate stuff. my newsletters are marketer-oriented, so I try to keep the ads at least marginally of interest to marketers <GRIN>

>> Also you mention ... professionalism of the services I use. >> I was not sure what this meant.
>> Could you clarify? 
There are several people on this beside myself who belong to i-COP ( - a group dedicated to promoting professionalism online. Two of the ad services I use are fellow i-COP members. To me that is as good a testimonial as I need. If it's someone I do not know, either personally or by reputation, I go to their site. first thing I look for is do they have full contact info - name, address, telephone, etc. If they don't, then 99.9% of the time I won't deal with them. Three of the services provide at least a phone number for the new subscriber, one asks for full contact info and usually gets it. 
Also, I have been doing business with a couple of them for some time now, so they have a very good track record for professionalism. 
Mr. Moderator: Am I allowed to provide my reseller links for these services on the list, or is that something we should do off the list?

>> Last question ... You mentioned 
>> publishes your content, if you send your articles to other publishers.>>

>> How do you determine which publishers you allow to publish your articles,
>> or 
>> even which ones you pitch your article to? Obviously, as a newbie trying
>> to 
>> build my ezine base, right now I thrilled when anyone is wanting to
>> publish 
>> my work. But I don't want to be naive about this either :)). 
There are a couple of very good sites for this. is, IMHO, one of the best. however, my article swaps are set up pretty much like my ad swaps - people I know and have come to trust. That comes with time. There used to be another content archive that I used a lot but Wild Bill went out of business, I suspect due to his health problems. 
As far as whose stuff I publish, I have become very fortunate in that I receive more articles than I really can use. Isn't life tough? <GRIN> didn't used to be that easy, but again that comes with time. Also a significant percentage of my almost 1200 subscribers are very good writers and publishers themselves, and they are always sending me their stuff. right now I've got articles backlogged two weeks!!! 
Make sure you list yourself in as many ezine directories as possible, especially the better ones. I think I saw a post not too long ago that listed those, so I'm not going to tax my tired brain right now. I was up all night editing and writing to make my deadlines. 
Don't worry about being naive. The only stupid question is the one you didn't ask!!! Lots of people helped me when I first started. I just hope I can be as helpful as they were!! And I think that's probably true of all of us "old guys" on this list!!! 
I hope that helps, Denise. Feel free to ask for more detailed info or further clarification either on or off this list, but right now, I'm headed for bed. I'll be back online in about 4 or 5 hours!!! See y'all!!! 


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