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Re: [epub] Postmaster General Problem / need HELP!
Unfortunately, when the original SMTP specification (RFC 821) was written
(1982) it spec'd out 7 bit character data and should an 8 bit character be
transmitted the 8th bit was to be cleared or set to 0. What this means is
that all upper ANSI characters (i.e. curly quotes) are not well supported.
Since the specification, some mail gateways have be rewritten to accept
8-bit characters, but many have not.  To get around this problem you have a
two choices:

1. Don't use upper ANSI characters (Unless the character appears on the
actual keys of your keyboard - lower case letters being and exception -
don't use it)
2. Encode your email using one of the standard MIME encryption schemes.
(Quoted-Printable or Base64)

Of the two options, you'll probably want to choose #1 as it is the most sure
fire way to prevent having your newsletter mangled by a mail gateway on its
way to your subscriber.

For those interested in #2, for more information see RFC 2045 at

- Clay


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Re: [epub] Postmaster General Problem / need HELP! ShirlLinde
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