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Re: [epub] a newbie question
Hi, Kirby. I publish Rim Digest, with almost 4000 subscribers, and have for over
a year now. My personal advice is to build the reputation to want down the line
NOW and though accepting ads you are not comfortable with now may help
financially at this moment and build your subscriber base more quickly, it will
doubtless bite you in the behind down the line.

I was offered about 5 times my normal ad rate to run an ad that LEAD to an adult
site though nothing in the ad or link would make anyone suspicious of that, so
only those interested enough to click on the link would have found out. It was
tempting with, I think, 998 or so subs and wanting that magic 1000 number and
the money was mind-boggling to me at that time, but I am exceedingly grateful I
went with my better judgement and turned that ad and others that felt WRONG to
me personally down.

I have worked for now 2 1/2 years to build a credible, honest and PROUD name for
myself on the net and 14 months to keep Rim Digest in that league and nothing,
money, fame or subscribers, is worth taking the chance.


Jan T-D
Jan Tallent-Dandridge, Marketing Warrioress/Publisher
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[epub] a newbie question kirby
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