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[epub] Re: Newbie question
> Hi:
> Iíve been lurking for a while as Iíve been building
> my public speaking
> coaching site
> <>  and e-zine. 
> Now Iím beginning to get
> requests for ads in the e-zine, but they are not ads
> that I think are
> appropriate to my content and readership.  Is there
> a commonly accepted or
> expected protocol about this?  Iím saying no to
> these ads, but would an
> expert advise that I take anything right now to
> build readership?   Iím sure
> I donít need to take any ad swap offered, but the
> e-world has a lot of
> customs Iím only beginning to learn.
> Thanks,
> Kirby Tepper


   I do not pretend to be an Ann Landers on Internet
protocol. I have some very definite opinions about
your situation though.

   As editor of Eternal Ink, a Christian ezine, for
nearly three years I have run quite a few ads.

   What I did,in the beginning, was to limit the
number of ads per issue I would run. Their are
exceptions,but,for the most part I have a very set
limit I enforce upon myself.

   Do not think of publishers,in your niche,as
competitors. Sure, you may have some overlapping
subscribers but most publishers will be more than glad
to work with you.

   Do not be afraid to publish ads from outside your
niche. Example: my ezine is Christian but Christian
material also appeals to readers of a family

   Do not think of ad swaps as an end all to your
promotion. Ad swaps are simply an extension of your
promotional efforts.

   Be sure you do not forget to add your ezine to all
of the ezine directories and search engines you can.
Later on, you will want to develop a website for your

   Of course,when it comes to ad swaps, do not
compromise your principles. Be sure to check and
re-check everyone that offers you an ad swap.

   I will not,knowingly, accept any add that promotes
certain things. Those things are absolutes with me and
I will not compromise my principles.

   Lastly, find another publisher to act as a mentor
and hang on their every word.

   I know I covered more than ad swaps here,but the
rest is pretty much up to you as publisher. Go by your
gut instincts and you will be alright.

  God Bless You,
  Editor: Eternal Ink


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