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Re: [epub] Can Mac Users...
Actually, Mac users can read .txt created by Windows and vice versa. Mac has
a software called BBEdit which can specify the type of text file that Mac
users would like save .... whether the Mac users would like to save it as
Mac version, Windows version or UNIX version.

As for other Windows files, Mac can read most Windows files on MacOS (that
includes MS Word Documents) except for .exe and Access files. If there is a
.exe file .. then Mac users will have to read it "the troublesome" way by
launching a Windows operating system within the MacOS.

I'm using a Mac so when it comes to reading ebooks and stuff like that, I
prefer ebooks which have PDF format. If I found out that the ebook has only
.exe format, I usually don't download it.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,


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Re: [epub] Can Mac Users... Garth Catterall-Heart
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