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Re: [epub]
Denese wrote:

| Now I need to look for alternatives.  Until I reap the fruits of my
growth I need to do this |as cheaply as possible.  If I plan carefully
and send the newsletter at times when our |cheap rates apply, the
phone call will be very reasonable, but trying to maintain and |manage
the email through outlook express is hugely time consuming.
| What mail autoresponders do you recommend, or is it better to go
with paid services |and how much do they cost?

Sorry to hear about your problems. I use free services myself, and
some have their use :)

I guess there are three levels of doing things: (1) use mainly free
sevices (2) use paid and some free services (3) buy your own
software/hardware. The third option may not be as expensive as you

To answer your first point. Outlook Express will only allow you so
many names in the BCC (this has been a recent change that most are
following). What do you do when you've got hundred and even thousands
on your list?

I have two suggestions. They work together.

Eudora 5.1 is a software client that deals with heavy-use far better
than Outlook express. you can download it for free at

Second, this is NOT free but will save you tons of money in the future
is the recently launched mailloop software v. 4.6; this does just
about everything for you and it's all client side (excellent for those
who pay for their calls or for some, like me, who don't like the
hassle of temperamental and slow connectivity).
Mailloop will filter, act as un unlimited newsletter server, host
unlimited lists, unlimited autoresponders (it will be introducing
sequenced autoresponders soon I believe), it also protects against
flames and bombs! And it's way cheaper than similar products which
charge in the $1000s! You can click throught to the details at :

<a href=" ">AOL click

PS - and make sure you read YahooGroups' terms regarding copyright if
your list is post Egroups in its creation!

Darren Andrews


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Re: [epub] Denese Sinclair
[epub] Denese Sinclair
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