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List with topica...join their advetising group and its unlimited mailing
I have no problem...I add large groups of addresses..they say we need to up 
the limit..
I wait a day..they approve and then I send the list again
upload a text file of names to them..about 200 a time.
Mind you I dont use HTML..waste of time
You might want to check out
13 cents a double opt in name!
Let me know...good luck..oh you might consider joining           Topica give credit for that too!
My cost to mail out my e-zine....nothing!
Let me know.
Dave Leach

At 03:23 PM 05/18/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>My course newsletter has been hosted at topica.
>The first problem I had was when I decided to pay for growth.
>I joined a service that provides subscribers for a fee, but after adding a 
>few days worth to the list I was prevented from adding any more without 
>prior permission from the list host.  I would imagine that this is to 
>prevent spammers, but it was highly inconvenient as the list was to be 
>posted that day.
>I ended up sending the newsletter in two batches, one to the topica 
>subscribers and one via my own email facility using the bcc field in 
>Outlook Express to include my newly paid for subscription list.
>I then received a mail from the Topica support team allowing me to add up 
>to 10,000 subscribers and thought my problems were over and I would 
>continue with them.


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