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Re: [epub] FW: References for Mailing Lists?

> I'm looking to build the subscriber base. Has anyone had any
good/bad experience
> purchasing email lists? Could you recommend any companies you've 
> bought lists from in the past that didn't charge an arm and a leg, i.e.
> per thousand emails.

First, I'd suggest you read the Ezine-Tips promotion archives -- they're
very worthwhile.

Having said that, co-registration appears the most cost-effective way of
obtaining subscribers.  This type of marketing is described in the
archives and easily found by title.  Essentially you develop a two or
three sentence offer for your newsletter that gets placed on one or more
established, high-volume Web sites.  E-mails you receive are thus
actually those of people who are subscribing to your newsletter, not just
leads -- a HUGE difference!

If you want many dozens or hundreds of new subscribers per day, try
Permission Direct, ZMedia or some other high-volume broker.  If you wish
fewer subscribers daily, try Worldwidelists or another similar co-reg
company.  Either way, you should pay between $0.15 to $0.25 per
subscriber if you are looking only for e-mail addresses and names (more
personal data cost more, of course).

Perry Goldschein -  Publisher & Editor Review
"Your Guide to Life-Enhancing Media"


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Re: [epub] FW: References for Mailing Lists? JP Sauve
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