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Re: [epub] Text ads

I am sure you already know about minimal formatting for AOL/non-AOL

I assume you do not want your readers to see the ID on your URLs.
There are a couple ways I can think of:

1. change your ID (if possible) so that it looks like a true base
link. E.g. 'salespage' or something like that.

2. Make the link to your domain site and redirect it from there; this
will protect you from those anti-spam people too ;)

Personally, if you are a professional you should not be ashamed of
recommending quality products and services - but as far as 'tidiness'
is concerned

As an example, here is my affiliate link to a professional writing
course product (below) I resell. I've formatted it for AOL/non-AOL use
without repeating the link twice:

<a HREF=" ">AOL users
click here</a>

What you can then do is setup a page on your site called (say)

which you can either use as:

 (1) a click-through gate

You just setup the page as normal but with some sort of "click to
enter" link that then takes you to the affiliate url. This can be good
as you can offer other products, have a popup, and generally more
control - although you want to be careful that you keep focused and
not let people wander off (tight, simple navigation - keep the
prospect going one way --> to your order). A disadvantage of this is
that the prospect must click twice to get to the salesletter/order
page. This can reduce sales drastically.


(2) use a redirect page

don't put anything on your domain/writer page except perhaps 'please
wait...' or something (in case of slow loading). Put the following
code in that page between the head tags:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url='myaffiliateurl">

You might also consider javascripting (it's quite simple) so that you
have your homepage load and then open the affiliate link in a second
browser window over it. So that once the prospect has clicked off his
browser (to return to your email or whatever) he finds your own
website before his eyes!

Be careful with affiliate programs though because there are very few
which are really worthwhile, for a number of reasons: If you want to
know more email me - or open it up here if you want.

I'm sure others in the list could expand on this far more.

Darren Andrews.


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