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Re: [epub] HTML Message size
Dear Brian (Alt)

          Re: Questions: Are you sending the images as attachments
          , embedded files, or having them pulled from the Web?

I send them as embedded files so that they are immediately part of the
newsletter. If you pay for local calls and work offline mainly, going
online when you have to, it is extremely annoying to have newsletters that
constantly try to get you online before you can read them.

          How many articles or other pieces of content do you have per
          issue? (I ask these because my own HTML newsletter and those          
          of most of my clients hover around 20 kilobytes before the 
          images are loaded. I can't imagine even coming up with enough 
          info for a 100K message.)

A web copy of the newsletter is available at
Perhaps I should be doing something differently.

            Where are you located? I would guess somewhere in Europe
            if you're paying by the minute for local phone calls. But it
            sounds like you might be hinting that you're somewhere in the 
            US and paying dearly for local calls?

I'm in South Africa. I lived in Canada for a few months and was amazed and
delighted to find that local calls were free. I suspected they would be in
the States too, but wasn't sure.
Lucky people. I spend a fortune!

Denese Sinclair
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Re: [epub] HTML Message size Brian Alt
Re: [epub] HTML Message size Brian Alt
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