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Re: [epub] Creative techniques on promoting my newsletter
Have you tried listing with Yahoo groups?  They have quite a large number of
people who internet market and read daily or weekly ebiz newsletters?  Also
you might list with Topica--they are strictly an ezine service for
home-based net-preneurs.

I'm promoting programs that give you self-replicating websites which I'm
promoting through web-site traffic multiplier program
that lets you market up to 10 different URL's under 1 URL (if you sign up as
a Paid Pro member) otherwise you get two free URL sites to use.

No More Hits--is a No cost web-traffic promoter porgram that turns your
browser into a proverbial 24/7 workhorse.  You earn visits to your own
website each time you boot up and get to see what other internet marketers
are promoting without having to go through an "engine search"--and you get
"free guaranteed visitors" back to your own site as well.

Hope this info helps--nothing is "instant", but if you have a good program,
and continuously market on-line, you should hit "paydirt"--read that $$
return in about six months.  I received my first return for my ebizrotator
program several days ago--and currently have 11 paid up members in my
downline who are actively promoting the program--the check was nothing to
brag about--they pay every month on the 15th--but it was a start.  I've been
activly marketing on line for about 3 months.
Wishing you much success.   Penny Dickas
706-276-7164 Home Office Phone


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