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Re: [epub] joint venture subscription processing and reporting

YOU WROTE: What is a "joint venture" subscription form?

A joint venture subscription form is a form that allows you to sign up for multiple newsletters by checking multiple checkboxes and entering your email address (and possibly name) only once.

Have you ever signed up for a newsletter and when your subscription is processed you are taken to a "Thank You" page? Well, when you were taken to the "Thank You" page, was there another form on the thank you page that allowed you to sign up for other newsletters (or newsletter) of like content? Well, that is the kind of joint venture I am referring to.

YOU WROTE: Is this for subscribers to newsletters?

Well, not really, other than allowing subscriptions. It is not meant for continued administration of subscriptions, if that is what you mean.

YOU WROTE: will it automate list maintenance?

No. My application will streamline the process of setting up these joint
ventures. They can be very time consuming and, due to differences in web servers, it can also be hard to set them up on multiple sites.

YOU WROTE: I am having problems with my newsletter administration right now, so could well be interested if I understand what it is.

Well, it won't help with administration, just the joint ventures mentioned above. I hope you are able to figure out your problem though! :)

If I didn't answer any of your questions or if you have any input, let me know.



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Re: [epub] joint venture subscription processing and reporting Tina Clarke
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