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Re: [epub] Re: Topica Ad and Promo Network
No..I have run ads from the start..then added them...they have no control 
over my ads.they add one to the top and one to the bottom...the only 
problem to watch out for is overload of ads!
Run a couple of newsletters the way you want...with your ads...then join 
their ad and promo dept... its worth joining...
They have no control over what you run...excepting spam,hate 
,illegal.etc  of course
Hope this helps
Dave Leach

><< Hi Dave,
>  Is it allowed by Topica to add your own ads for products
>  you affiliate for in your newsletter when you join the
>  Topica Ad and Promo Network?
>  Or do they only allow their own ads? >>
> From what I have been told by Topica, you must be part of the network to be
>able to run your own ads. If you contact them they will work with you to help
>to eliminate running the same ads as you.


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Re: [epub] Re: Topica Ad and Promo Network BRAISCO
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