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Re: [epub] HTML Message size
Hi Denese,

>I send them as embedded files so that they are immediately part of the
>newsletter. If you pay for local calls and work offline mainly, going
>online when you have to, it is extremely annoying to have newsletters that
>constantly try to get you online before you can read them.

That explains the 100 kilobyte message size then :)

There are advantages and disadvantages to both ways (embedding images 
vs. pulling them from the Web). I've always opted for the latter 
option because:

1. It's easier :)

2. It doesn't burn bandwidth, which keeps list hosting charges down.
    (Professional Web hosting is a lot less expensive than pro list

3. The HTML ezines are readable (and look okay) even if the images 
    aren't loaded.

4. I offer a text version that would be better for folks who read 
    their email offline.

>I'm in South Africa. I lived in Canada for a few months and was amazed and
>delighted to find that local calls were free. I suspected they would be in
>the States too, but wasn't sure. Lucky people. I spend a fortune!

Most local phone companies in the US include local calls as part of 
your base monthly charge. Some charge a few-cent "connection fee"
each time you make a call, but I've never encountered by-the-minute
charges for local calls. I've always tried to accommodate people 
who don't have this arrangement by offering a plain-text version of
my ezines as a "default." As much as I might like the benefits of 
HTML email as a publisher, I'll probably never do away with the text
versions, if for no other reason than to offer readers a choice.


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Re: [epub] HTML Message size Brian Alt
Re: [epub] HTML Message size Denese Sinclair
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