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[epub] ON - Line eZines vs. Email versions
We started offering our ezines on line only instead of in email.

We do email our subscribers notifying them that our newest issue
is out and to receive it they need to click on the link. I have seen this
with a few ezines that I subscribe to and have been very impressed.

Aside from the larger type and colorful photos, it is just easier to
read all around.

I feel it is much easier to read on line, and it doesn't take long to download
and we can run photos or diagrams explaining things.

We have one travel ezine where we can put photos and show the actual
maps, hotels, etc.

And we have a marketing ezine, where at times we place diagrams or
photos of things we are speaking about. We just had an article on menu
advertising and were able to show the menu. We also had a story on which
type of banners get the most clicks, and we were able to show a sample
of the banner.

I was just wondering what others felt. Do you think readers prefer to just
get the usual black and white ezines in email? Or do you feel like me that
the time has come to actually give them something more than black and
white letters on a page, to actually design and publish a credible, good 


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