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Re: [epub] ON - Line eZines vs. Email versions
Hi Tom

Personally, I have only very rarely gone to an on-line newsletter. I have 
actually unsubscribed to two that went that way.

Why? Because it is too much hassle for me. Unless a newsletter is really 
exceptional, subjectively few are, I won't make the effort. If someone sent 
me just a link to an on-line newsletter, I would think they'd wasted my 
time ... why not just mail me a text newsletter in the first place?

I don't want pretty pictures or great design, I want useful information. If 
something is interesting, then I want a clickable link so I can go to it 
when I have time. I don't have the luxury of going on line, reading and 
browsing all in one session (or I rarely do!) I am very busy. I will skim 
read and note any useful stuff and then go back when I have the time, 
usually 'catching up' with several newsletters in one go.

I don't usually find newsletters easier to read on-line either, despite 
having a great monitor. For many people, self included, there is always a 
clock whispering 'this is costing you money!' It's also a drag waiting for 
pages to load at certain times of the day.

I prefer to cater for the mass who still use dialup @ 56k (usually less). 
Credibility, for me, comes via good content that makes a difference to my 
work/life, not really design or good looks ... though obviously, I respect 
decent usability. I think something like Fred Langa's newsletter is about 
as good as it gets ... for me.

BTW, no offense intended, but I thought your 'what do people feel' was 
funny. Basically, do you prefer a million $'s or a hole in the head ;-)

Good question ... be interested to see what others say.


David Conroy M.S.W.
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