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Re: [epub] ON - Line eZines vs. Email versions
I've been following this thread for a few days and thought I'd add my 2 cents worth.

Consider this, first and foremost "You can't satisfy all the people all the time"

The best you can do EVER is satisfy the majority. Finding out what it is that the majority
wants isn't easy, but it is safe to say that if you offer 20 different options you'll have 20
different opinions as to which option will be preferred.

Your best bet in narrowing down your problem is ALWAYS offer your publication in a simple text format. Regardless of how many ways you offer it, this is a must. There are
dozens if not hundreds of reasons for this, and I'll nor re-hash them here.

As much as I hate AOL you must consider that segment even if some of them have never even been on the internet. If you have hyper-links they need to be click-able
in the oldest versions of AOL mail.

As far as sending HTML versions of zines goes, I believe it is a very viable option. If it's a format that enough of your readers want. Keep in mind you'll still have to produce the simple text format NO MATTER WHAT.

It is my opinion (and exactly what we have done) that a good quality simple text format
along with a well designed web version can fill all of the needs of your readers.

When we acquired the Opportunity Update International Business Review it was in
e-mail only text format.  This was in 1998. We played around with different ideas. Asked our readers, looked at subscription data, and link traffic etc. What we ended up with
was a simple text format e-mailed version and a web version. 

What has happened with this is that our subscribers receive our e-mail ezine via e-mail
once a week and either read it, trash it, or save it for later. What we discovered is that
by having the same information, ( actually much more information ) on an web version of the OU we are reaching over 10 times as many readers as we have subscribers. The web version has taken on a life of it's own. I'm sure we have thousands of visitors there that aren't even aware we have a e-mail version.

I feel, and believe our experience over the last 3 or so years proves my point, having a web-site version of your e-zine is a natural progression.

Hope this has gotten the juices flowing for some of you,


"Your Success Is Our Success"
James  Peters, Manager  
NetServe International, Inc.
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