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Re: [epub] ON - Line eZines vs. Email versions
On 23 Aug 01, at 10:37, wrote this Re:[epub] ON - Line eZines vs. Email v

Howdy Tom,
Good Questions....
> I was just wondering what others felt. Do you think readers prefer to just
> get the usual black and white ezines in email? Or do you feel like me that
> the time has come to actually give them something more than black and
> white letters on a page, to actually design and publish a credible, good 
> looking publication.

First let me answer your first question by asking you a question. 
Have you asked your subscribers which format they prefer? And if
so, which format did the majority say they wanted? I feel that your
readers are in a better position to tell you if they want an ezine
in plain text delivered via email or online. After all they are the
ones that will be reading it.

Now on to your second question.

Yes I think the time has come for ezines to be done in a more
graphical format. But I also think that Online/HTML ezines are
not the answer. To me, PDF is the format to go with and here's

#1. Your publication can be read on both Mac and Windows
      computers. (I know online/html can be read on both also
      but when you read reason #2 you'll see why I prefer PDF)

#2, With PDF, if the reader wants to print out just one page, they can
     do it. And they will get just that one page printed out. But, with
     a online/html page they may get two or more pages and they
     may get parts of a single graphic on two pages. This would not
     be what you or the reader want. But with PDF "What they see is
     what they get" when printing out a page. You see when you are
     designing a PDF zine you're making a truly "What You See Is What
     They See" publication, because PDF publications are designed to     
     to be printed out on many types of computers and printers and
     still look the same no matter what type of computer was used to
     produce the publication.

#3. You can use any fonts (Type Style) you want and the reader 
     will see that font in your publication even if they don't have it
     on their computer. (Not so with online/html publications)

#4. PDF format zines can be downloaded and read offline and if the
      reader see something that interest them that is online, they can just
      go back online and click on the link in your zine. Plus for those of
      you having problems with long URL's you can just put something like
      "Click here for more info. online" and hyperlink that text.

So as you can see if you truly want to actually design and publish a
credible, good looking publication, PDF is the way to go. If you want
to see how I do my emagazine in PDF format using MS Word 97 and
a free program. Why not subscribe to my free zine mentioned in my sig..
There's an article in this month's issue that I wrote that will show you
where to get the free PDF compiler.

Well that's what I think, and I hope it helped.

David Hallum
Editor/Publisher - ePublishing Today eMagazine
ePublishing Today is a reader-friendly trade emagazine that 
is specifically designed for the readers and producers 
of electronic publications. ePublishing Today is done in 
Adobe PDF format and offers a free subscription, to learn
more go to:

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RE: [epub] ON - Line eZines vs. Email versions (Plus comments) Stephen C. White
RE: [epub] ON - Line eZines vs. Email versions (Plus comments) Stephen C. White
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