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[epub] re Respect Your Readers Time

I have been a list member for 4 years now, and have followed many
of Dr.Mani's posts over this time. Although he can sound opinionated
at times (but then who doesn't, now and then), I have learned many
valuable lessons and tricks about ezine publishing from him.

To call his expertise and credibility into question is weird.
If you've publishing ezines, you'll realize that *nothing* about
it is simple or straight-forward. You can make mistakes with line 
length, HTML usage, distribution methods, anything. Email clients 
are so varied that no single method will work across all of them.

To suggest that links can be made clickable simply by adding a
http:// before them is oversimplification. Such an assumption
can only be made by a novice ezine publisher. When your list
grows and people with new or different email programs sign
up for your list, only then will you be notified about errors
with your formatting.

On a more personal note, I'd suggest that we refrain
from criticizing individuals before knowing their track
record. Your ezine and Web site are doubtless open to
similar criticism - this just isn't the place to do it.

As a group, we are working toward creative thinking to
improve our ezine publishing skills, not trashing a
fellow list member.

Joey Danazol
Web Editor,

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