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Re: [epub] Archiving past issues
>Can someone please tell me the best way to archive the past issues of my
>Help me again please :-/ everything I try doesn't give me the desired affect
>Im looking for.


To archive your ezine past issues on your website, here's a method I use:

- Name each issue with the file name - YYYYMMDD.htm by the date on
which it was published.  This method has some benefits, primarily that
the files appear in chronological order when viewed in Windows Explorer
on your PC, or in FTP programs on your server.

A simple way to code each issue for the Web is to use the <pre> </pre>
tags to quickly put each issue on your website.

I discuss other more complex ways to create ezine archives that enhance
the value of your content in my ebook tutorial, Ezine Launch.  These
include breaking up ezine content into meaningful chunks, and even
email archiving.

Hope this helps

Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian, M.D.
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