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[epub] Re: ON - Line eZines vs. Email versions
Tombo wrote:

> We receive bounce backs from all the free email accounts like Yahoo
> and Hotmail. People who subscribe under these accounts aren't
> serious about receiving ezines. They subscribe on a whim.

I'm curious as to why you think this. There are numerous legitimate reasons
why people use free email accounts. Why does this disqualify any of them
from being serious about receiving ezines?

> Unless you have your email address listed in ezines for some reason
> or other, there is no way you are going to receive spam.

I don't worry about spam from email publications either (you can usually
easily tell which ones are going to treat your email address with respect).
But I wouldn't discount the possibility entirely.

Tombo, you and the other fine people here are undoubtedly ethical
publishers. But that doesn't mean there aren't others out there using a
spurious email publication as a means of harvesting addresses.

Also, you never know what happens to an email list if the owner sells their
site/business/publication. Privacy policies rarely cover that eventuality.

In the past, I've received several offers to buy "opt-in" lists from
questionable sources who've bought up failing websites and were then
flogging off subscriber lists to the highest bidder.

Mark Brownlow
Web publisher and writer
Turning ezine subscribers into enthusiasts

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