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[epub] Re: Ezine Subscriptions
> *spammer*.  Next, you spend time unsubscribing non-serious
> readers, and waste time and effort doing this.

Yep, this is a factor to take into account with single opt-in.

> Finally, you dilute the *value* of your list by combining non-serious
> with the serious readers.

You're lowering the average "value" *per subscriber*, but you may still be
increasing the *overall* value of the list. Or not, as the case may be -
that's why each list owner has to go through the thought processes we've
been discussing.

PLus I'll repeat this until I keel over - once you've got them, it's the
publisher's job to *make* and *keep* them interested and responsive.


Mark Brownlow, Author

The Keeping the Key Report
"How to give your email newsletters impact & influence"


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[epub] Re: Ezine Subscriptions Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian
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