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[epub] Re: ezine double invitations?
>Does anyone have any stats on subscribers who subscribe after receiving a
>reminder note - like Topica sends out a week after they've been invited to a
>list?  I was wondering what the subscribe rate was on that process?
Also do you use this type of feature with your email list?  If not, why not.

Hi Maria

I use this system for my ezine sign-ups, with an automatically
generated *subscription confirmation* email sent out as
soon as the subscriber submits the sign up form or sends
an email to the subscribe address.

As the form data is emailed to me as well, I'm able to track the
number of people who fail to confirm, and so far it has not been
very high.  One out of every 10 new subscribers may fail to
confirm their subscription, I would imagine this number may
be higher if the request to confirm is sent out later.

It's only an impression, but I don't think too many people would
subscribe after a reminder note a week later, and so haven't
set up such a system for my ezine.

Hope this helps


Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian
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[epub] ezine double invitations? Coach Maria
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