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[epub] RE: Getting Advertisers
The ways I get subscribers - one at a time - but they have staying power <g>

1) articles that are published on the internet and in print media
2) subscription box on almost all my pages (on the bottom right now)
3) subscription box on the right side of my home page
4) ezine swap collaborations with other ezines where my ideal client maybe
5) classes I teach and events I attend
6) Many article banks have newsletters that have areas where ezine
publishers request ad swaps.
7) Answering questions on forums
8) My subscribe page on my website has other newsletters on it (and my thank
you page will have this information after someone subscribes to my ezine)
The sites on my subscribe page, also have a similiar policy.
9) elist answers like this <g>
10) I give out "serenity cards" and disks with my work.  I know folks have
subscribed to my ezine after reviewing the hand-outs.
11) On the back of some of my business cards, I mention my free ezine
12) I send a note out to my subscribers (as part of my usual ezine) asking
them for swaps - if they are non completing businesses.  I do find, that I
have to say no sometimes when I do this, as I make sure that what is on
their sites is professional etc.

If I can think of more, I'll let you know!

Maria Marsala
Business and Life Coach-Consultant

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[epub] Getting Advertisers Debbie Adams
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