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[epub] Re:ezine double invitations?
I feel that these so called "invitations" are 
really nothing but spam.

Instead of someone sending spam for another
product or service, they are actually sending
spam to get subscribers to their lists or ezines.

Does anyone agree? What makes this different than
an "invitation" to try a new product, visit a new
site or buy insurance or lose weight or whatever
else I get in my email daily?

To me all unwanted email is spam. Invitations to
join lists are spam.

Marketing Strategies for today.

On Mon, 25 Mar 2002 14:22:21 -0800 Coach Maria <> wrote:
Does anyone have any stats on subscribers who subscribe after receiving a
reminder note - like Topica sends out a week after they've been invited to a list?  I was wondering what the subscribe rate was on that process?

Also do you use this type of feature with your email list?  If not, why not.
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[epub] Re:ezine double invitations? Rhoberta Shaler
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