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[epub] Autoresponders as a list hosting solution?
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  • Subject: [epub] Autoresponders as a list hosting solution?
  • From: Dante Maure <dante@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 05 Apr 2002 18:22:12 -1000
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Greetings List-Mavens,

I've noticed at least two very high volume newsletters
(over 15,000 subscribers) that are using an autoresponder
service for list management.

I know of three different high end autoresponder services
that offer virtually every fea ture that I have found while
researching list hosting solutions, and even a few features
I've not seen offered by traditional list hosts.

From a price standpoint the autoresponders are *way* more
affordable as 2 offer unlimited contacts, messages, and
em ails... and the 3rd charges additional for high volume,
but is still considerably cheaper than the going
rates for traditional list hosting.

The only feature not offered by the above services that
is standard with dedicated list hosts is time of day
sche duling for message sending, but considering the
potential savings of literally hundreds of dollars per
month for a large list, I'm just about ready to sacrifice
that one convenience.

I will soon be launching a very high volume list
and was wondering if a nybody has any personal experience
using autoresponders for this purpose.

I don't fancy the idea of having to move 10,000 subscribers
to another platform down the line so I would greatly
appreciate any feedback from people that have first hand
experience in this arena.

Many thanks in advance!

Warmest Regards,
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