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[epub] Re:How *not* to promote your e-publication
I've got to agree with Merle on this one. Mr.
Tombo's reply actually raised my blood pressure a
bit - the idea of someone's livelihood being
erased on the whim of a disgruntled stranger (or
competitor) is a bit frightening. "No questions
asked" justice sounds like a good idea until it
happens (unfairly of course) to you.

I do object to endless emails coming from
companies who claim I "joined" their list when I
visited their website (probably by being the
victim of a pop-up I didn't ask for in the first
place), and I really don't like the teen sex
stuff that they keep throwing at me.

But these things are legitimate spam, and they
will be investigated simply by forwarding their
junk to abuse@yahoo(or whatever).com.

I enjoyed the story that started this whole
thing, I believe I learned something valuable
from it, and have no objection to the eBook that
was the point of the story being mentioned. I
hope we can continue our discussion on a more
positive note.

--- Merle's World <> wrote:
> To Mr. Tombo,
> Dr. Mani is not a Spammer and if anyone needs
> to learn some
> "etiquette" it's people like you who feel the
> need to report
> innocent people to Spam Cop for lack of
> anything better to do
> with your time.....Who died and proclaimed you
> Internet
> Vigilante?
> Merle
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "tombo" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2002 9:53 AM
> Subject: [epub] Re:How *not* to promote your
> e-publication
> Dr Mani,
> Do you realize you are now spamming the list
> here
> with your ebook? There was no reason to mention

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[epub] Re:How *not* to promote your e-publication Merle's World
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