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[epub] RE: syndication suggestions
Oh yeah... another personal requirement would be that all
links within any syndication ( article or whatever ) open
in a _blank window. ( not _new, because all links would load
in the same "new" window... at least in my browser it works
that way )

The article section of my site is going to be based
on an iframe ( HTML inline or floating frame ).

Any site syndicating content within frames or iframes ( such
as mine ) will end up framing the destination of any link
not set to open in another window. An undesired result for
the syndicating site and probably the link destination
because it is not how their site was intended to be viewed.

Ken and Merle... I would love to use your content, but I can't
because of that small formatting issue... don't supposed I have
swayed you to make that small change. ;) ( let me know )

I have found 2 candidates which fit the bill so far...


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[epub] RE: syndication suggestions Tina Clarke
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