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[epub] Re: Paid versions

I would like to mention Rob Frankel's FrankelBiz
discussion list ( )
as an example. I've made thousands of dollars in business
just from that one single list, and when Rob offered me
a subscription for $24, I grabbed it without batting an eyelid,
because I wanted everything Rob had to offer, because his
list is a gold mine for me, and for most subscribers.

In fact, I just renewed it at $24 for the second time.

So, as long as the content is valuable to your subscribers,
they'll gladly pay the $12. If the info that you offer me
is going to save me more than $25, or save me some hassle,
or make me some money, then people like me wouldn't think
twice about paying your lifetime subscription.

Ultimately, everything's about WIIFM - What's In It For Me.

Now, when it comes to reporting to the IRS, Paypal or ClickBank
(or most such companies) do not report your earnings by themselves.
However, Paypal does report your "interest" income if you invest
in their money market account, and that too only if your
interest-income is more than $10 in that financial year.

Neither will your bank, as long as the deposits from
Paypal or 2Checkout into your bank account are in bits and
pieces, not exceeding $5,000 in one shot.

So, it's pretty much up to you. So how much do you love
dear ol' uncle Sam?

"STOP THIEF!", you can say.
Now you can stop those pirates who steal your
e-Books, your zip or PDF files, and your precious bandwidth!

Debbie Adams wrote:
>Has anyone tried doing this?  How did it work?
>How about keeping track of subscriptions?  I'm thinking of $12/year or a
>lifetime membership for line $25.  Since my zine has been around for 3
>years, I don't see it folding any time soon.
>And also, what about recordkeeping and reporting income to the IRS?

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