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[epub] Re: Newsletter Open-rate tracking
At 3:05 PM -0400 5/3/02, Ravi Jayagopal wrote:

>You probably don't know this, but many hi-tech spammers
>are on to this technology, and are able to easily
>validate your email address even if all you do is just
>preview the email in your "preview" pane in email
>clients like MS Outlook or Eudora!

That's not quite true ... it depends on your settings for e-mail. In 
Eudora, I have HTML images turned off, so the Web bugs won't work, 
and previewing (or even viewing) won't validate my address or send 
the Web bug. But I'm not sure if Outlook has the same capability.

BTW, unless there is a lot of text and the newsletter is one I really 
want to read, I don't subscribe to HTML-formatted newsletters. If 
there's no plain text version, in most cases I'm gone. Many people 
have filters set up to automatically trash HTML-formatted messages. 
So think long and hard before going that route; the worse the spam 
situation gets, the less likely HTML-formatted messages are to be 
read. And while you're at it, put a simple link to your Web site, not 
a tracking link, if you'd like me to visit.


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[epub] Re: Newsletter Open-rate tracking Ravi Jayagopal
[epub] Newsletter Open-rate tracking Ravi Jayagopal
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