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[epub] Re: Newsletter Open-rate tracking
Hi Bob,

"... it depends on your settings for e-mail. In Eudora, I have HTML images 
turned off, so the Web bugs won't work, and previewing (or even viewing) 
won't validate my address or send the Web bug. But I'm not sure if Outlook 
has the same capability."

I have been trying to find a way to turn html images off in Eudora, can you
give me a hint to where in the options it is located. I have 5.0
Joe Reinbold

P.S. Bob, I agree with your comments. I only receive maybe three or four HTML
ezines since I have subscribed to them for a couple of years. But I won't 
to any other either. I decided a while ago that I wasn't going to switch to 
zine. The feedback that I got from some of my 11,000 subscribers was negative
about switching to it.

Another thing, your should try turning your cookies off for a couple days and
just have the warning box come up so you can manually reject them. You will
be amazed at how many cookies are being placed on your computer with those
HTML messages you get. I get lots everyday. The newest messages that bug
the xz!#% out of me are the ones that automatically open up to a web page
when you highlite the message. You don't even have to open it! A real Pain!
Thank god for Eudora's filters.

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[epub] Re: Newsletter Open-rate tracking Bob Bergey
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