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[epub] e-mail piracy
In the last several days I've gotten three
notices from the "postmaster" stating that
e-mails I've sent can't be delivered. The problem
is, the original e-mail that is attached to this
message has a virus (according to Norton) and the
address to which the e-mail was supposedly sent
is not anyone I've sent messages to. My
newsletter only goes out once a month, and it's a
small list (218 members) so I can easily check.

Has anyone else gotten these messages? I see two
possibilities - a person is sending bogus
"postmaster" messages in order to infect
computers with the virus when we get curious and
open the message we supposedly sent. Or - someone
is using my e-mail address to send bogus (and
virus laden) e-mails. The first possibility does
not bother me overly much, since I get
attachments with viruses at least 10 times a day.
Just part of the new world, I guess. The second
possibility is very scary. I'm not technically
savvy enought to know if this is possible, and if
it is, how to protect myself from it. I'd hate to
get bumped from my server because of something
like this. 

Any suggestions?

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