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[epub] question about
Good morning epubbers!

I'm looking for a couple good sleuths. Got a query from an Ezine-Tips 
reader about a series of questionable mailings from a list cleaner called , which according to its whois listing is based in Los 

She said she got a complaint from the company saying that its "subscribers" 
had asked to be removed from the list. She responded that her lists are opt 
in and that she has subscription records. She got a rude reply and a vague 
threat of further action in an unsigned email. She has not been contacted 
personally by anyone. The Web site has no personal contact information, nor 
does the whois listing. The company is not providing lists of complainants; 
instead, she has to subscribe to the service before she sends out another 
mailing, and the company will remove its alleged complaints from her list.

This could be legitimate, but I think it sounds like strong-arm tactics.

I've reprinted the original letter below with her personal info left off. If 
anyone has experience or knows about this company, please respond. Thanks!

Janet Roberts
Associate Editor

Here's the letter:

From: "Remove Central" <>
To: <owner address>
Subject: Your Message
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"
Date: Fri, 3 May 2002
Message-ID: <id number>
X-Mailer: Unknown (No Version)

This is not an unsolicited email. Your unsolicited commercial
email message has been sent to at least one of our members.
Our members have requested that we contact you to get
removed from your mailing list.


Dear Email Marketer,
Our members wish to be permanently removed from your mailing list.

By removing them as a group, you can boost the performance of your
email marketing campaign. Just visit Remove Central before the
mailing, and for only about $10.00 you can remove hundreds of
non-prospects from your email marketing campaign.

These non-prospects are individuals who have opted-out at one of our
companion sites from receiving unsolicited email, and any response you
receive from them will be an undesired one.

This simple step can save you money and problems, boost your conversion
rates, and increase your profit margins on each mailing. At only $11.95 for
one-time use, or just $9.95 for a monthly subscription, the service is a
bargian you can't afford to pass up.

Visit the link below and instantly begin to increase the effectiveness of
your email marketing campaign. It's just smart marketing.

<a href="">

-----------------------May Co-Reg Special-----------------------

    Receive 5000 subscribers for free with any purchase of 

           50,000 or more! Offer good until 5/31/02.

-----------  -----------

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